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Running Horse Ranch

Running Horse Ranch



  • Day Ride
  • Accommodation 3, 5, or 7 nights stay
  • Riding Packages 3, 5, or 7 day ride
  • Ride Week Endurance Ride’s
  • Adventure Trips- 8 days, 7 nights, 3 ride days and 3 days guided sightseeingtours Los Angeles

Please note the following rules

We calculate kilometers instead of normally calculated hours !

An average ride for a leisure ride without great obstacles of terrain- such as mountains, is about 3-5 km.

Hours you’ll see in our menu right next to the kilometers. The number of hours is different, as each riding guest prefers a different pace.

For example:

Ms. Smith riding our ranch ride at only 1. 5 h,

Mrs. Simon needed for the exactly same trail 3 h!

Rates for Day Rides at 2015

Short Ranch Ride  2 km  45min/ 1 h                                                                         $30

Ranch Ride,  10 km 1,5h-3h                                                                                        $70

Half Day Ride-, Pacific Crest Trail to Burnt Peak   (3-5 h)                                      $140

Full Day Ride, Pacific Crest Trail to Sandberg   (5-8h)                                             $250

4 Days, 3 Nights Half Week

cottage rental, two people, self catering                                                                   $378

3 day riding packages, 34km, per person                                                                  $420

3 day riding packages, 44km, per person                                                                  $500

extra guest- for three nights                                                                                        $100

Transfer from and to airport, hotel, train station, car rental                                  $150

Extra night for two people                                                                                             $130

Arrival dates for the 3 nights are Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

 6 Days – 5 Nights- Week- own catering

cottage rental for two people                                                                                     $630

5 day riding package per person                                                                                $650

extra night for two people                                                                                           $130

two people extra- 5 nights                                                                                           $190

Extra bed  per person                                                                                                   $150

Additionel night for two people                                                                                  $130

Arrival Dates are Monday or Tuesday

10 Day’s, 9 Night’s – 100km Ride in Seven  Day’s !

Room per Person, has kitchen and bath room – self catering, Transfer from and to Airport, Hotel, Car rental

Seven Day’s- 100km Ride per Rider                                                                       $1977

We give you almost every day an opportunity to shop for your grocerys in major food stores.

Additional night                                                                                                           $ 75

Dates for 2015 Seven Days Riding Holiday’s :

September, 9.14.2015- 9.22.2015                                                                   booked

October, 10.17.2015 -10.28.2015                                                                    booked

November, 11.9 2015- 11.18.2015                                                                  booked

Dates  2016- Seven Days Riding Hollidays

Februar:  2.2.2016- 2.11.2016                                                                          open

March: 3.29.2016-4.7.2016                                                                               open

Mai: 5.7.2016-5.17.2016                                                                                    booked

June:  5.31.2016-6.9.2016                                                                                  open

August: 8.15.2016-8.25.2016                                                                            open

September: 9.6.2016-9.15.2016                                                                       open

Oktober: 9.27.2016- 10.6.2016                                                                         open

November: 11.23.2016- 12.2.2016                                                                  open

Endurance Ride’s – Long Distance – own catering                                 $2290

All  Rides are 5 Ride Days – 7 nights,

LD “Death Valley” 101 km from 11.29.2015 – 12.6.2015 5

LD “Fire Mountains”101 km from 1.10.2016 – 1.17.2016

Please note weight limits for Long Distance Ride’s are a maximum of 80kg!

More dates on request





All our trails are designed for experienced horse riders, since we travel to a variety of different trail heads each riding days.



Please be advised before you book a riding package, check our riding rules and expectations, thank you!

Adventure Trip- Best of Both, Riding Days and City Sightseeing Trips in Los Angeles

starts at $2180  per traveler/ two travelers minimum

What does this trip includes?

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  •  Catering, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner- excluded are Meals beetween the main course and Beveregaes, please note we do not serve alcoholic drinks
  • Transfer from and to LAX, Burbank
  • one day Universal Studios,
  • three riding days,
  • two guided sightseeing city trips/around 400 miles LA with all the classics!

Visit LA- Great opportunity for people with no drivers license!

everything above- not catering:

starts at $1560 per traveler/ two travelers minimum

You will get shopping opportunitys, while driving for your own catering!

Anreisetage für den Abenteuertrip sind Montag!

Weitere Informationen:


Für unsere Erstbesucher gelten folgende Regeln:

Die Tagesritte müssen mit 20% angezahlt werden, da wir für Sie ein Pferd reservieren und dieses dann auch keinem anderen Gast zur Verfügung stehen wird. Im Falle eines Rücktritts erstatten wir Ihnen Ihr Geld zurück bis zwei Wochen vor Termin. Den Rest können Sie dann nach Ankunft auf der Ranch bezahlen.

Abendteuertrip, Reitwochen, müssen mit 10% angezahlt werden. Wenn Sie  zwei Wochen vor Reiseantritt Ihre Wochenritte, Abenteuerreise absagen, dann erstatten wir Ihnen Ihre Anzahlung zurück!

Diztanzritte müssen mit 20% angezahlt werden. Die Restzahlung benötigen wir drei Wochen vor Reiseantritt. Da uns Unkosten entstehen fals Sie Ihre Reise absagen, können wir Ihnen leider die Anzahlung für die Distanzritte nicht zurückerstatten.

Wir akzeptieren Kreditkarten oder Bargeld bei Ankunft( wenn Sie mit Kreditkarten bezahlen erledigen wir das während wir unterwegs sind in der Bank)

Für den wiederkehrenden Besucher:

Wiederkehrende Besucher können die Bezahlung nach Ankunft auf der Ranch übernehmen!

Achtung, Kreditkartengebühren, Kontogebühren werden von der Bank extra berechnet!


Wir erstatten bis zwei Wochen vor Reiseantritt Ihr Geld ( minus den Überweisungskosten) zurück. Nach den zwei Wochen erstatten wir Ihnen Ihr Geld zurück , fals wir Ihren Platz belegen können.

Vielen Dank