We have horses in every size and temper

HerbstkoppelOur horses enjoy a natural lifestyle, if they are not under the saddle. They live in groups on large pasture’s, with big run in shelters.

We only fed them high quality hay- with supplement’s if needed and fresh mountain water from our well.

All our horses are our family member’s. They enjoy a holistic life style, are energetic – but not hot tempered out on the trail.

Horse breed’s include Arabian, Mustangs, Draft Horses, Ponys

IMG_1335Since our passion is endurance riding, we created on Running Horse Ranch over the year’s a unique trail- obstacle- course, which prepares our horses for the challenging trails at a faster pace- on mountainous rugged trails.

Our guest’s enjoy the stability of well prepared horses for rides in remote location.

Tack & Training

We use comfortable english saddles, or for the western riders comfortable lightweight endurance saddles- western styles!

We train our horses the Naturell Horsemanship Methode. Horses get trained right here on the ranch. They attitude is kooperativ, we wish our mount’s to be happy to do the job.

All working horses getting regularly exercise !

Below you’ll find a gallery with our mount’s!

Note: not all horses going the trails in the Angeles National Forest.