Rules and Regulations


lockeres Reiten am langen Zuegel!

Lockeres Reiten am langen Zuegel!


Our rides are designed for experienced horse riders.

The trails have some technical difficulties and riding miles are  way longer than the typical american dude ranch ride.

We trot a lot with the horses, to cover ground. Our trails offering  a remote , mountainous wilderness, with steep long climb’s. The trails are often not well cared for, so you’ll find your self may be ducking on the horse, or even dismounting!

Those condition’s do not allow us to take beginner rider on trails. Additionally, we trailer our horses to  various trail heads on some day’s- to offer our equestrian each day a new trail. This keep’s the horses happy, since they do not go each day the same trail- and our riding guest’s see every day a new scenerie!

    • 3 ride day’s- 35 km -or 44 km you’re choice
    • 5 ride day’s- 71 km
  • 7 ride day’s- 100 km

 Rider’s experience expectation:

  • well balanced seat position
  • posting at trot
  • two point – or half seat-  at canter or galopp- no sitting on the horse
  • getting on and off with no assistance- we prefer people to use a mounting step
  • confidence and a ability to assert oneself on the horse


Weight limit is 80 kg!

For people over 80 kg:

We can accommodate rider’s up to 90 kg! However- since you will encounter  extremely steep climbing out on the trails, we ask rider’s over 80 kg to dismount and walk you’re horse up those few steep climbs.

Please feel not offended!

Sliding is the reason on bone hard footing on some climbs.  Horses have simple not the ability to step and grip savely with there hoof’s  on  steep climbs!

This is for you’re own safety!

We had rider’s in the past- which rode only gaited horses. Please be aware, for those rider’s we stay at a walking trail only, if you’re not know posting safely.

Our passion is endurance riding! Our horses are trained to trot long miles out on the trail.

You will be trotting mostly out on the trail, to cover ground. On some day’s you ‘ll ride two hour’s and on other six. The horses have saddle pack’s. So you can bring like two one litter water bottles and a snack- like a trail bar and a bread roll or so.

In our itinary discription you’ll find km for a particular ride first- and afterwards  hour’s.

Example: Ranch Ride- 10 km, 1,5h-3h

This means that Mona will ride this ride in only 1,5h, but Steve need  3h. However, we do cover the 10 km. We do not make any short cut’s.

Our riding guest’s are able to choose what speed they want to go- you can ride at a faster steady pace or go slow and smell the roses!

Riding Helmet and Riding Gear

We recommend to wear a riding Hat! You can rent one is with us, but we can not make sure that they fit properly and is comfortable to wear. It is better in any case, if you – if any – bring your own.

  • riding boots, light hiking shoes,  running tennis shoes-  are acceptable
  • knee chaps are necessary in the english saddle (we can lend  you some)
  • expensive breeches are inappropriate because unruly branches could rip holes in you’re pants, full leather are also uncomfortable
  • knee leather breeches, leggings, jeans without inseam  are functional- on long routes
  • warm jackets  in fall, winter, spring , if we ride in the mountains the temperature drops quickly and in addition it is often windy
  • gloves, sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  •  i pod-, phones we allow to listen to quiet music on the trail if you wish
  • horses wear saddle bags, two liter water bottles, trail bar, bread roll- no carbonated drinks